Firework Network enhances your platforms with highly curated premium short videos to elevate your audience experience. Using next-generation AI and ML, these videos take into account the context of your digital assets and ensure they are relevant and targeted to your audience as they browse through an endless feed of videos that entertain, enlighten, and educate.

Firework Creators

Imagine having a diverse community of intelligent and creative content creators from around the globe who excel in telling engaging stories on exciting topics ranging from travel to food, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and more. They provide you with Professional User Generated Content (PUGC) that is verified, moderated, and curated by Firework.

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Content insights based on your needs

Our insights team studies your digital properties and ensures high-quality and relevant content is always available.

We bring the stories to your audience

Firework Network’s integrated feed keeps your audience on your digital properties longer with engaging short videos. Data shows that once your viewer starts watching our videos, they spend almost three times longer on your website. Over time our feed evolves to adapt to your audience’s profile and continuously introduces new, innovative content.

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Human-powered success

Combining creativity, data science, and machine learning, our Partnership Success team works with you to enhance and support your ever-changing needs. We understand that all pages of your digital properties are not the same and ensure that what you get is a uniquely-customized feed that adds value to your business.

Entertain while you engage and retain

Texts, images, and long format videos no longer retain attention and engagement like they used to. Audiences crave information in an aesthetically-visual format provided in the shortest time possible. Our research has shown that younger audiences spend less than 40 seconds per topic online. Our short videos cater to this new generation of users with high-quality, immersive content that is short but doesn’t lose its storyline.

Personalization and user satisfaction

We use your user’s behaviors and preferences to elevate their experience on your site. First-time users get optimized feeds that evolve as they become more engaged. Repeat users continue to get excited and delighted with personalized videos each time they visit your digital properties.

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Earn revenue with a one-time integration

You can monetize all your digital assets, including apps, websites, and newsletters, by integrating the Firework Network Feed. It is a simple process, and our experts will help you through the process without any disruption to your existing business.

Branded short video content

A dedicated sales team works with media buyers and advertisers to help reach our top-notch creators. These creators incorporate the brand into the stories they create, and when your user watches these videos your business gets a share of the revenue generated.

Vertical video and ads tailor-made for the mobile-first users

Millions of your users engage with your digital assets on their mobile phone, and our creators specialize in vertical videos that provide a richer full-screen experience. Our team of creative directors help advertisers adapt to this exciting new format and increase the video completion rates, thereby adding to your revenue potential.

Brand Missions

We work with brands that want to go beyond just a video ad our branded missions allows users to create content around your brand. They turn your audience into storytellers. The selected videos are featured in your custom feeds and add immense value to everyone involved.

Custom brand activations for your brand

Custom activations for your brand
As a publisher, you can create activities for your brand and work with our creators and creative team to bring great stories that resonate with your values. Your advertisers can participate and benefit from this integration and you can keep a major portion of the revenue generated.

Brand Safety

All videos that are showcased in the Firework Network pass through AI-powered image recognition systems that filter out unwanted content. A panel of Human Moderators provide context and ensures quality before it reaches the public feeds globally.

Dedicated Account Management

Publishers can manage the feeds by setting rules that are followed strictly by the Account Manager assigned to your business. We provide you options to block content on the basis of keyword filters, category, competitor brands and promotions.

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Industry Standards

Firework adheres to standards set by local authorities and advertising and content bodies so that the content that is available to your users is safe for your brand and your users.

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