Why choose Firework?

We are the world’s first decentralized short video platform. Firework is available within hundreds of apps and websites with short video content relevant to your users.

Community of storytellers

Firework is the fastest-growing creative community. With over 400,000+ Creators globally, Firework is empowering creators to make a living using their storytelling skills.

Unlimited audience

With millions of hyper-engaged fans, the Firework Network allows Creators to showcase and monetize 30-second videos that tell emotion-driven stories. Creators do not need to have millions of followers to ensure that their stories reach the correct audience. They can focus on their creativity and let the Firework Network find the right audiences that appreciate their talent.

Unlimited topics

A broad audience base allows creators to express themselves on unique subjects. The Firework Network helps content find its audience using a combination of data science and curation.

Jumpstart your career

Join Firework as a Creator and benefit from the depth of its audience.

  • Join a Select Creative Community

  • Earn Money on Your Creative Videos

  • Access to Brand Partnerships

  • Dedicated Talent Success Partner

  • Profile Management and Insights

  • Casting in Original Shows and Series.

Take Storytelling to a New Level
with REVEAL© Video

Reveal technology allows content creators to combine horizontal and vertical video into one mobile recording.
With Reveal, now creators can think outside the frame and tell a richer story through their mobile device.

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Join a Community

Firework helps Creators learn more every day. With a series of community workshops and Creator Contact Programs, Firework
ensures that Creators globally have access to the best ideas and knowledge. Also, a goldmine of data is available
to help analyze and improve continuously.

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Your Content, Our Network

Firework welcomes studios and production houses to join the revolution in short videos and reach an audience that is moving away from traditional storytelling. The Firework Network gives your content access to millions of users who are looking for video content that keeps them captivated. Firework provides instant reach to an audience that has so far been missing from your business plan.

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Firework Originals

Made for Firework Shows these are short videos around a concept. They can be fiction films in 30 seconds to music and dance shows. If your content ideas entertain, enlighten and educate an audience, then Firework is the place to be.

Joint IP creation

Firework welcomes ideas that encourage massive audience participation.


Our brand team works with you to find the right mix of advertisers for your content on the Firework Network. Discuss with us how you can earn revenue using the Firework Network