Captivate your Audience

Firework’s decentralized short video network connects the audience to the content in environments that they are familiar with across the internet. The Firework Network embedded across a wide genre of partners cater to every taste and demographic.

Premium content with premium locations

Firework uses a combination of great storytelling in short videos with the context of the websites and apps across the internet where these videos are found in the Firework Network to help position your brand.
Using data science, your brand is placed alongside video content that’s popular and created by verified professionals.

Firework partners with some of the best digital properties in the world.

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The power of intent marketing

People absorb a lot more information when they are actively engaged with the content. When they are enriching themselves with a new skill or a new way to dress or merely enjoying a small skit between their daily routines. Your brand and related content, gets consumed at those moments when your target consumer is open to accepting ideas.

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Intelligent recommendations

Ensure that your brand is positioned in a feed that’s relevant to your story. Firework Network uses the learnings from across the feeds to curate the videos that add value to your brand story.

Creatives customized to the screens

We ensure that the correct format is available depending on the screen used. For example – ads that are on the mobile phones will always be in the vertical format to help utilize the full screen, whereas videos watched on a laptop/computer can be in landscape.

Reveal your brand story

Your brand can use the award-winning Reveal technology invented by Firework to provide a new perspective to storytelling. The Reveal technology is an immersive experience. Users watching a Reveal video are more likely to loop the videos more than once.

Awareness, Engagement, Sales

The Firework Network helps reach your brand’s goals. It helps enhance brand image and awareness by association with high-quality video content in large volumes. It helps reach targets better with the perfect balance of audiences and their affinity to topics of their interest.

Make your audience participate

The Firework Network provides an engaging platform for audience participation in the form of missions. Missions are brand-led tasks where the audience can create their version of a positive brand story. It can be as simple as content that uses your brand, reinforced with your brand communication.

Lead consumers to believe in your brand story

Instant information options like the ‘Learn More’ button allows your brand to go beyond the brand communication and give useful information to the audience. The audience that clicks on the learn more button is far more engaged than the one that is passively reading or watching content on any other platform.

Optimize your narrative

Instant feedback on the engagement of your brand stories and analytics of the context in which the engagement took place allows for changes in the narrative. Your brand can create stories at scale using the verified creators across hundreds of categories with the help of the information provided by our engine.

Sell at the moment of truth

The new generation of consumer believes in understanding product features and how it fits into her daily life before she commits to a purchase. The Firework Network allows for brands to add a ‘BUY’ button which leads to a frictionless e-commerce experience.

Brand Safety

All videos that are showcased in the Firework Network pass through AI-powered image recognition systems that filter out unwanted content. A panel of Human Moderators provide context and ensures quality before it reaches the public feeds globally. We ensure that your brand is never seen alongside content that has the potential to damage the brand story.

Dedicated Account Management

Publishers can manage the feeds by setting rules that are followed strictly by the Account Manager assigned to your business. We provide you options to block content on the basis of keyword filters, category, competitor brands and promotions.

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Industry Standards

Firework adheres to standards set by local authorities and advertising and content bodies so that the content that is available to your users is safe for your brand and your users.

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