What is the Firework Network?

We go where our consumers spend time doing thing they love! We have take away the need for downloading an app or visiting a website for the short video content. We are available when your life takes a short break. We enlighten, entertain and educate you using some of the best short videos in the world.

Why is Firework special?

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Come with us on an unexpected journey

Experience personalized videos that are tailored to you across the internet

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See ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Follow your genre, discover stories that can make a difference to you

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Experience interactive storytelling

Reveal© unexpected plot twists and immersive scenes

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Take back control from elitist platforms

Connect with thousands of the most talented creators

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Time well spent, for busy lifestyles

No cringey lip syncing, boring selfies, or offensive memes

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Take storytelling to a whole new level

Design and edit professional looking videos


Since 2018, Firework has rapidly evolved its platform to meaningfully connect creators, fans, and engaged audiences by curating premium 30-second user-generated video content tailored to viewer's unique tastes.

Firework is a venture-backed start-up based in the Silicon Valley in Redwood City, California with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Mumbai and Warsaw. Founded by early founding members of LinkedIn and Snapchat, Loop Now's team members consist primarily of top-tier tech, investment banking, and entertainment executives.


All videos that are showcased in the Firework Network feed pass through AI-powered image recognition systems that filter out unwanted content. A panel of Human Moderators provides context to each video and ensures quality before it reaches the public feeds globally. We ensure that we follow the governing laws of the countries we operate from at all times.

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